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Technical Communications Consulting

RL Publishing™ is a managed writing service provider, offering writing services "on demand" as you need them.

We specialize in advanced technical communications including high-level graphics, user guides, software manuals, release notes, single-source documentation, HTML5 responsive outputs, and more.

"Since man first appeared on this planet, a few open-minded visionaries have dragged the rest of the population kicking and screaming through the darkness."
R. Lewis

Services We Offer  

Technical Writing

We offer top-notch technical documentation written for any audience and by experts that fully understands science and technology. This includes screen captures as well as advanced graphic creation and manipulation.

Mobile-ready Docs

We generate finely-tuned technical documents "ready for the cloud". Using HTML5 responsive web pages allow your documents to be read on any device, from PC to mobile phone.

Document Certification/E-signatures

We provide quick and painless electronic signature (digital stamping) services to prove that your current documentation hasn't been tampered with and that it is the latest "approved" version.

HTML5 Responsive Web Pages

We can design engaging and beautiful HTML5 responsive web pages that will automatically adapt to fit on any mobile device's screen.

Language Translation Services

About 72% of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language (CSA, Can't Read, Won't Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites).

Our international team of skilled translators can convert your document or mobile app to 75 different languages. Tap into a much larger market.


As all services will be tailored to your individual needs, most estimates will be a "fixed-cost" variety and include project milestones.
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